Thursday, October 1, 2009

My day today in Doha

I went to a Pegasus Club meeting which is part of the Exxon-Mobil club internationally. One of the women on the Welcome Committee came to pick me up to go to the meeting at the Four Seasons-Doha. It is a gorgeous hotel. I met a lot of women including a couple of women one whose son graduated from the same high school as my youngest son Kevin and had some of the same friends. It is a very small world.
I am going to drive for the first time tomorrow in Doha. We are still waiting for our residency papers so we can buy a car and also take a driving test which apparently only US citizens have to take. Not looking forward to that, but hopefully will pass it.
Friday and Saturday are not workdays here. At 11:30, most people who are Islam start their prayers and their day. Dave and I are going to do grocery shopping tomorrow and look around for some things we still need.
I am hoping that we can go the the souqs which is the traditional markets in Doha. They sell anything from produce to persian rugs to gold. You mainly need to pay in cash because they usually do not take credit cards. Some of the souqs are smaller than a walk=in closet. Qatar takes credit cards, but a lot of shops mainly deal in cash.
I want to get a little decoration because the villa is very sterile. I have some of my pictures that I hung or painted coming from the states in my sea shipment, but it will be mid-November before they come.

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