Friday, October 29, 2010

My daughter says I have neglected my blog badly. I have but it has been a very busy year.
Carolyn had surgery in March and I came back to the US for that. Dave and I visited Florence and the Cinque Terre region of Italy in May. Daniel announced he was engaged to his long-time girl friend Lauren and they were getting married in Hawaii in June, 2011. Dave and I along with Brother Paul visited London and Weybridge in July, and I came back to the states in July and went to see Carolyn in Shreveport for a week, went to Artist Expo for a week, and then onto Clinton, Mass. for an icon painting class and then finally to Spokane to visit my in-laws. Before I got there Carolyn announced she was pregnant with our first grandchild .
The day we got back to Doha, we found out Kevin had totalled the Civic and our son-in-law gave him his car to get back to university in Ohio. We went to Madrid and Barcelona, Spain in September.
Now I am in Houston helping a friend of mine at the International Quilt Market and Festival and looking at my hometown of Houston with different eyes. When I get back to Doha, I will post some pictures I took near downtown.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back from Italy

Dave and I went on our first vacation for 2010. We went to Florence and Santa Margherita Ligure near the Cinque Terre in Italy. I will be posting pictures later.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Back in the states

My son Kevin has been wanting me to update my blog. I have been in the US since March 2. My daughter Carolyn had surgery and I came to the states to help. When we came back to Shreveport I took a class with Cheri Rol in New London. I really enjoyed it and then it was a six hour trip to Georgetown where my parents live, and life has been very slow this week. I will be leaving here tomorrow to see my sister Nancy and then unto The Woodlands to spend a day with our former next door neighbors, and then back to Doha on Monday, March 29.