Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Austria Pictures

These are pictures taken at the Hotel Kartase where my son Kevin is at for fall semester. It was an old monastery that was remodeled in the 80's and where the Franciscan students can attend one semester during university

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Austria 2009

Hi, These are a couple of pictures from our trip in Austria.
I am still trying to learn this; so I will posting more pictures.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hi from Doha in Novmeber!!

Hi from Doha,
I have not been able to post until now. I have been taking driving lessons to hopefully pass my second attempt at the driving test. My second test is November 18th. Dave did not pass his either and the next test is supposed to be December 9th.
We have been traveling. We went to Austria to visit our youngest son, Kevin who is going to university there for the semester. We had a good time seeing Kevin; the only bad thing was I badly sprained my ankle while I was there. The first few days after injuring it were tough, but I was able to walk after a couple of days. The weather was 50 degrees colder than here in Doha.
I will post pictures as soon as we download them off the camera.
We are going to a Winter Ball sponsored by the Pegasus Club which is sponsored by the company Dave works for on Friday. Then we got tickets to go see the England -Brazil soccer match. People over here are as soccer mad as we are football or basketball; so this is like getting tickets for the Texans game back home;