Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday in Doha!!

Friday and Saturday are the weekend here in Doha. Most of the native Qataris are not up early on this day, so it is a good day to go shopping for groceries early and the traffic is a lot less. I drove the car in Doha today. Overall I did alright. We went and did major grocery shopping for the first time and Dave and I made spaghetti for dinner tonight. We also took some pictures and will post them to the blog.


  1. Hi, glad to see you are settling in. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

  2. Hi Karen! I am glad you are getting settled in and meeting people. I bet if feels like an early Christmas when your things arrive from Texas!

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with your messages. It's a learning experience for us too.
    Hugs, Loretta (Neighbors)